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One of the most distressing situations any individual can face is criminal drug charges. In these circumstances, it is vital to have a lawyer who will support and help you. At Tommalieh Law we know the scope and magnitude of a drug possession charge. Our Tinley Park drug charge lawyers specialize in dealing with these types of situations to get our clients a positive resolution, regardless of the charges.

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What do Illinois Drug Possession Laws Say?

This issue is a bit complex to understand since the state legislature has decided to take a stand on a specific drug in total contradiction to the federal legislation, and that is with respect to medical marijuana. Currently, in the majority of states in America, it is legal to use medical marijuana, and all products derived from it, for example, its extracts and oils. Illinois is no exception, although, in theory, it is illegal under federal law.

The causes for which you may face drug charges in Illinois are primarily broken down as:

  • Drug possession.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Distribution.

There are more causes, however, these are the most common. You can be arrested for any of the aforementioned reasons, and the consequences that you may face can be severe.

Also, possession of drug paraphernalia is also illegal in Illinois. Drug paraphernalia includes pipes, syringes, or any other item that can be used for drug use or trafficking. Therefore, based on the Illinois Drug Paraphernalia Control Act (720 ILCS 600/) , it is not legal to possess any of these items and you may face criminal charges for it.

What is the Controlled Substances Act?

The Controlled Substances Act prohibits the manufacture in Illinois of any substance that is designated as controlled. This means that the police have the authority and legal backing (according to 720 ILCS 570/401 ) to arrest anyone who is manufacturing prohibited substances. In addition, if at the time the police search your home, car, or other property and find evidence of manufacture, you will be arrested.

Drug Crimes and Charges in the State of Illinois

It is not easy to understand all of the criminal statutes that relate to the distribution and/or possession of drugs. This is mainly due to the fact that the Illinois legislature passed its own laws, while the federal government passed a different set of laws. This has led to the existence of two systems, in which each system has its own specific penalties.

In Illinois, the distribution and possession of recreational cannabis is illegal, while medical marijuana is legal. Fines for drug possession are increasing as the amounts possessed increase, for example, possession of 10 grams or fewer leads to a fine of up to $200. Possession of more than 30 grams is a much more serious offense, resulting in a minimum prison sentence and fines of up to $25,000.

In the state of Illinois, people who are suspected of illegal drug possession can face felony charges, even if it is the first time a crime is committed. Any sale or possession of more than 15 grams of drugs such as cocaine, LSD, methamphetamine, MDMA, or heroin will be considered a Class 1 felony in the state, punishable by up to 15 years in prison.

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Is it Necessary to Seek a Criminal Lawyer?

The most common question asked by anyone who is arrested and faces criminal charges is whether or not to request a defense attorney. Indeed, having a lawyer results in fees and costs that can be high. But if you look closely, this may not compare to what you can spend if you do not have a good defense.

When considering a lawyer for a drug charge, keep in mind that having a criminal record can limit your opportunities in many areas of life, from getting a job, to child-custody fights, and even when seeking a financial loan.

All of these issues and more can be caused by being convicted of a drug charge. For this and other reasons, if you do face a drug charge in Illinois, it is in your best interest to obtain legal representation.

Having a criminal attorney to defend you will help greatly, as they will investigate the entire case thoroughly and seek to negotiate the best way for their clients, such as seeking reductions in bail, charges, and even sentencing.

What Options Do I Have?

All the options you have will depend solely on the case you are facing. It also depends on how your defense attorney understands and takes on your case. So if you are considering consulting a defense attorney to learn about your options, we will be happy to assist you.

Call Tommalieh Law for Help with All Types of Drug Charges

If you are facing drug charges in Tinley Park or the surrounding areas, the best advice we can provide is to always consult with a criminal defense attorney who has experience with cases involving drug charges. By going it alone, you will not only risk your immediate freedom but also your future ability to live a normal life. Convictions stay with you for a long time, so don't let your life be ruined by one mistake.

The Tinley Park drug charge defense lawyers at Tommalieh Law have years of experience fighting for the rights of individuals. Contact our office today to receive a risk-free consultation and learn how our firm can help you!

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