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Having to face a weapons charge can be frightening, intimidating, and challenging. Because it is considered a serious offense, the consequences of getting convicted can seriously undermine your future life. For these reasons, when having to deal with such charges, it is extremely important to get help from the right team.

Illinois' gun laws state that you can legally possess and own a gun however, some restrictions can lead to immediate arrest. To prevent a disaster, you can get the best defense by choosing to be backed by our firm. Our team of criminal defense lawyers has extensive experience in the field of weapon charges and a long history of successes with criminal charge cases.

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Gun possession is a delicate topic all over the US. No matter what's your standpoint on the subject, you should avoid at all costs being convicted with such charges. Let's look at some figures to get a more precise picture of the severity of gun-related crimes.

Gun-related deaths seem to increase each year, with data in 2016 recording more than 38,000 deaths caused by guns. 

Only in the state of Illinois, 12,467 guns, mostly handguns were recovered. Such weapons have been used for almost 200 killings and about 300 aggravated assaults in 2016 alone. Most cases were linked to unlawful possession and violent crimes. For this reason, unlawfully possessing a weapon results in severe convictions.

Illinois Gun Laws

In the state of Illinois owning a firearm in Illinois is legal, as long as you have a firearm owner identification card, which allows you to carry the gun with you on the person. You must always have your license on you when carrying your weapon.

In the area of Chicago convictions related to guns and weapons can be extremely severe, especially when the defendants have a criminal record or when the charge is linked to robbery or possession of drugs.

In most cases, unlawfully transporting gun results on permanent marks on the criminal record, heavy fines, community service time, and often mandatory prison sentences. Because of the severity of the consequences, being backed by a qualified and experienced legal counsel can be of huge help.

Our legal team can provide you with the best criminal defense representation in case you're facing any weapons charge.

What Are The Restrictions Linked To Gun Possession?

Gun charges defense

There are two types of gun possession: open or concealed. Let's look at the difference between the two.

To carry a concealed gun, you'll need a special license in almost all states. Such permits are mostly given under certain circumstances and specific needs. On top of that, some states require civilians willing to possess guns to prove their good morals and their knowledge of gun safety.

When it comes to open (or visible) carriage of weapons, the story is a bit different. Several states prohibit carrying handguns and rifles openly, and those that do allow it are restricted to unloaded guns and not in areas of high population density.

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Weapons offense charges have severe consequences, thus they require experienced representation from professional attorneys. If you are facing weapon charges in the state of Illinois, don't despair! Our team of criminal defense attorneys has extensive experience in defending even the most complex charges. 

We always have your rights at heart. We will do our best to assist you throughout the process and the trial. We aim to get the best results for you. After all, our reputation and history of successes do speak for us.

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Contrary to other firms, we are not afraid of having to deal with weapon offenses. Our Tinley Park criminal defense attorneys will work hard to prevent prison time and reduce to a minimum your criminal offenses and the severe consequences such convictions might have on your reputation.

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