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When it comes to family law, whether it’s divorce, child custody, or child support. there is a lot at stake. As well, the nature of family law can be fairly complicated, meaning an individual caught up in family courts may not be able to make heads or tails of the proceedings by themselves. If you are caught up in a family law matter, you should waste no time in hiring expert legal counsel.

Our family law attorneys have the experience, knowledge, and dedication necessary to help ensure you and your family the best legal outcome possible.

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For most people, divorce may prove to be the most trying experience they’ve ever gone through, legal or otherwise. Not only is there a lot at stake, including property, money, and custody of children, but there is also a great deal that comes into play in determining the outcome. For this reason, you must have an experienced family law attorney on hand during all divorce proceedings.

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Child Custody

One of the most difficult aspects of a divorce is figuring out how custody of the children will be divided up amongst the parents. Parents may share joint custody, or one parent may get sole custody over the children.

As well, this custody can be either legal or physical. Legal custody means that said parent has the right to make all life-affecting decisions regarding the child. Physical custody simply means that the child is under their watch. Our experienced child custody attorneys can help guarantee the best outcome for both the children and all other parties involved.

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Child Support

Besides child custody, another problem area that arises during most divorce proceedings is the matter of child support. Typically, the parent who either makes more money or has less physical custody of the child will be the parent who is ordered to pay child support.

However, the amount of child support this parent is required to play can vary drastically depending on all sorts of extraneous circumstances that might come into play during divorce proceedings. Having the right legal representation can guarantee you the best fighting chance is this very important battle.

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1) Legal Protection

Before proceeding with any legal situation, we first need to analyze the outcome. It is easy to make a regretful decision in haste. Family law attorneys have years of experience, and our top priority is to make the final verdict come in your favor.

2) Peace of Mind

Familial issues tend to take a toll on your mental health. However, know that you are not alone in this battle. With our help, you can get the outcome in your favor and have the peace of mind you truly deserve.

3) Filing Documents

If you are filing for a divorce, then all the paperwork and gathering the documents can also be a hassle. The decision to go for a divorce is never easy, and amidst all other emotional stress, the last thing you would want is to be occupied in paperwork. Our top priority is to not only take care of all the paperwork but also speed up the process.

4) Quick Proceedings

Legal proceeding often seems to take up an eternity. There is just so much paperwork involved that it is easy for a person not familiarised with the law to go wrong. This is why, to speed up the proceedings and to get your desired outcome, hiring a family law attorney is recommended.

5) Professional Advice

If matters escalate towards divorce, then there are numerous aspects you must keep in mind which potentially includes child custody and property division as well. Taking any step in haste can make things even worst for you. A family law attorney can give you professional advice on how to proceed with the situation and provide you with step by step guidance.

Talking Doesn’t Help: If talking with your spouse does not help any more, and things continue to heat up with each passing day – then it is time you consider consulting a divorce lawyer.

Physical Abuse: Physical abuse is the last straw that can be broken in a relationship. If your partner is putting you through any sort of physical abuse, then consulting a divorce lawyer becomes a must.

Threats: If you find that your partner is threatening you for custody and fair distribution of assets. Consulting a lawyer will provide you with a better insight on how to proceed with the matter.

Reviews and Recommendations: Nowadays one of the best ways to search for anything is through reviews and recommendations. You could get direct referrals from someone, or reach out to people who have had experiences with divorce lawyers in the past. Having access to the internet makes things even easier now because you can easily go through the reviews as well.

Know what you want: It is important to determine the type of outcome you are expecting from the attorney. Always properly communicate your desired outcome with the attorney. Whether it is a fair distribution of assets or child custody – always be clear with your thoughts.

Interview Family Lawyers: Amidst a divorce, your patience levels may already be down. It is worth interviewing the family lawyer first to see whether they understand your requirements or not.

Know your Budget: Budget can always make a difference when searching for a family attorney. Have a clear picture in your mind on how much fee you could afford. However, do not be discouraged because there are expert many lawyers who only charge a nominal fee.

Case Outcome: Carefully explain your case to the lawyer, ask for a candid answer on whether they could assist you or not.

Skills and Experience: Skills and experience matter a lot when hiring a law attorney. Ask how long they have been in this and what is their particular field of expertise.

Preferred Style: Whether the preferred style and approach of the lawyer align with your requirements is also important to know – so be wary of asking them how they will approach the case.

Filing Divorce: If you are just filing the divorce, then the fee charged is normally not more than $300. Note that the hourly rate of lawyers in Illinois is $260 average.

Involvement of Children: If child custody and support are involved, then the divorce cost can skyrocket and go anywhere from $15,000 to $20,000.

Property Division: If property related matters are required to be sorted out, then on average it costs about $17,000 to $20,000 in Illinois.

How much do divorce lawyers cost?

Illinois laws have two main aspects when defining a child’s custody: Residential Custody: This includes where the child lives and which parent has the obligation to pay child support. Legal Custody: This includes making the important decisions of a child’s life such as choice of religion (if any) and school. Which parent gets the residential custody of the child depends on the following factors:
  1. Child’s Welfare
  2. The mental health of Parents
  3. Relationship with Parent
  4. The occurrence of Abuse
  5. Physical Health of Parents
There are also chances of joint custody, but this can only happen if the parents are open to communication. In case the parents are unwilling to communicate, then the judge may show reluctance on proceeding with this decision. Child custody mainly depends on facts, and while determining the outcome on your own can be difficult, a law attorney can thoroughly guide you by evaluating your current circumstances.

Normally the parent with primary custody of the child is eligible to receive payments from the other parent for child support. Normally it is a fixed amount that includes a couple of basic costs including medical, education, travel, and extra-curricular activities. Depending on the financial standings of the other parent, and your requirements you could consult your family law attorney to prepare an agreement. Once that agreement is prepared, the attorney is then going to present it in front of the court.

If you are trying to get support for your child, then it is important to have a thorough discussion with your attorney. They are going to ask you different questions and then file documents for the court proceedings so you become eligible for the payments once the documents have been approved.

In case you are not satisfied with the child support, there is also the option to modify it. There’s a specific process that one must follow which includes notifying the parent that you are requesting for modifications along with the following:
  • A stamped copy of the petition to the parent
  • File Certificate of Mailing Petition for modification of child support with proper verification of date by the circuit clerk.
  • The other parent must receive a stamped copy of the Certificate of Mailing
Speaking with a lawyer under such circumstances can always be beneficial. Changing the child support order can at times be stressful due to all the paperwork involved. Once the Certificate of Mailing is received and viewed by the other parent, you can request a hearing for the modification to get a date fixed. The overall process of child support order modification can still be tiring. The involvement of an attorney could give you better guidance on what steps you should take.


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