matthew W.
15:58 24 Jan 23
One of the hardest, most frustrating times of my life was finding out my marriage was ending. From the moment I met Mr. Tommalieh my anxiety from divorce had began to decrease. Mr. Tommalieh and his team were so calm, so far ahead of the game that I didn’t have to sit in my head and worry about all the fears I had from watching tv shows and hearing other guys tell me horror stories about divorce. His rates were extremely fair compared to other attorneys I had spoken with. His services were exceptional. There was an overwhelming peace I had working with him I couldn’t explain. I got everything I could ask for without any fight in the courtroom and he was able to get this settled amicably. Divorce is a horrific experience no matter the outcome, but having a calm, respectful, responsible, intelligent attorney on your side will bring you inevitable peace and without a doubt I will refer and support Mr Tommalieh and trust him with every instinct in my mind.
Khawlah S.
06:17 23 Jan 23
The best Divorce Lawyer in Illinois! My case was dragging with my previous lawyer and when I started with Mr. Tamir, he immediately took the bull by the horns and was able to provide me and my children the justice we deserved. Mr. Tamir is thorough, professional, very knowledgeable, patient and passionate about his work! I do not know what I would have done without his amazing assistance. I strongly recommend Tommalieh Law to everyone who needs a powerful and successful Lawyer!
Karen G.
13:00 10 Jan 23
I can't tell you how impressed I was with Tamir. Divorce is very stressful for anyone. He was very kind and compassionate about my situation. He was very knowledgeable about my situation and was able to make things run smoothly. I would recommend everyone to use his services. Your the best Tamir!
Jerry R.
22:22 07 Jan 23
I really appreciate how much Tamir helped me throughout my divorce. As a dad he made sure that my rights were not overlooked by ensuring that I got equal amount of time. He listened and always answered any questions or concerns I had by responding in a timely manner. I was very happy and pleased at how fast I was able to finalize my divorce and that is all because Tamir worked diligently with my case.
Dominique E.
16:43 24 Oct 22
My experience with Tamir was consistent very honest straightforward Throughout the process. I got what I needed everything went well I definitely would recommend Tamir in the near future. Thanks again Tamir
Amand R.
18:04 06 Oct 22
Awesome law firm to go with they handle all the paper work and do all the necessary steps to make your case work out in court. They actually got me a judgement for my civil case in which I put a lawsuit up against someone and I won
Ron W
11:49 29 Sep 22
After speaking with many other family law attorneys Tamir was the only one that really listened to my concerns. He researched and won my invalidity of marriage case. No other lawyer thought it was possible. If you want someone that will help you from day one. Tamir is the lawyer for you. I give his firm 10 stars. He’s one of best around
Kelvin G.
14:56 21 Sep 22
Excellent lawyer, job well done.THANKS👍🏼👍🏼
sean N.
17:50 23 Aug 22
Tamir was honest, efficient and took time to explain everything clearly. I can't thank him enough for getting me through my divorce in a clean fashion. I would recommend him to anyone and he has an eternal referral from me! If you want a real advocate, I recommend Tamir. And I say this as a lawyer myself!
Danielle T.
16:09 08 Aug 22
Tommalieh Law office was the best choice I could have made. I was treated like family not like a client. I was made a promise and he saw that promise through. I lost my mother during this case and my attorney was there for me through it all. The support and professionalism was astonishing. I am beyond grateful for the help, support and love i received. I would absolutely recommend Tommalieh Law to ANYONE in need of a GOOD attorney to call. Thank you so much you are truly a ROCK STAR🙏🏽💪🏽
04:57 29 Jun 22
I just want to thank Tammir for the work he has done for me. He took in all relevant information, analyzed it, and created a plan of action within minutes. He was extremely diligent to the fact that my case was resolved in less than 24 hours! If you are looking for a lawyer who has compassion for his clients, amazing communication skills, willingness to listen to you and passion for his job, he is the guy for you! I can’t thank you enough for helping me and getting rid of my headache!!
Josef M.
14:51 24 May 22
Counsel Tamir is by far one of the most gifted Family Law attorney in the Chicagoland area. I have had the pleasure of working with him for over two years, and there is nothing I can fault. He handled my entire case, with the utmost understanding, discretion and empathy. He has mastered the difficult task of remaining relatable and being a gifted counsel looking for only pragmatic outcomes for his clients, in the most efficient ways. Divorces are neither easy nor pleasant, but Tamir made the process as easy as it could have been. Thank you and 110% recommend him.
Ashley P.
17:31 25 Apr 22
I would 100% recommend Timar, at Tommalieh Law. He is professional, and super easy to get ahold of. He gets stuff done! I am beyond happy I chose to go with him! If you are looking for a lawyer I highly recommend Tommalieh Law! Thank you for helping me with exactly what I needed!
Matthew H.
19:54 29 Mar 22
Very professional and knowledgeable! High emotional intelligence and will not break your bank compared to other options. Definitely recommend to others!
Marzena B.
00:23 26 Feb 22
If you need a lawyer I highly recommend Tamiar. He took what scene never ending case and he was able to make it very quick and effective. I know because I had a lawyer who promised a lot and didn't even do half of what he did for me .Very responsible always answers when you need him too definitely going back if necessary 😊
Ladye0709 E
19:36 13 Jan 22
Tamir was highly recommended from a law office in Indiana due to relocating to Illinois. From the beginning, Tamir has been thorough and has ensured to keep me updated on my case at all times despite of the pandemic drawing out my case. If I have any questions, Tamir and his staff has been quick to reach or return my calls. Tamir and his staff has been excellent, professional, and efficient. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.
Tony R.
20:39 29 Nov 21
Tamir and his team are always super responsive with my calls and emails. Sometimes I would call him multiple times in the same day and he always answered. Will definitely be using him again in the future!
00:37 23 Nov 21
If you need help with any child custody issues, Tamir is definitely the right guy to hire. He got my son back into my life after a very messy situation and responded to every text/call. Best attorney for fathers rights
Charmaine M.
03:04 21 Nov 21
If you need a great lawyer I highly recommend Tamir. He has been my lawyer for almost more than a year now for a child custody case. When my case started I still remember how nervous I was but Tamir help me every step of the way, answer all my questions and explained to me things where I can understand clearly in terms of what was going on my case. I felt like Tamir treated me not just a client but also as a family. And not only he helped me solved my child custody case, he also helped me get the child support that my son deserves. I am a very happy client here. 😊
23:55 08 Oct 21
Very friendly attorney. Informative and empathetic to the situation.
Jason F.
20:54 05 Oct 21
Tamir was very professional and informative. He took what seemed to be a long and drawn out case and was able to make it very quick and effective. I will definitely recommend and will call him if ever need be in the future. Again very professional, informative, organized and very responsive. Him and his team did a great job with my case!
Maurice E.
14:07 24 Sep 21
I learned about Tamir through a friend who he assisted and boy oh boy what I got in return was mind blowing. What else is there to say about this team. My experience with was nothing more than excellent. Tamir is a great leader for his firm and a wonderful Attorney. He and his team handled my matter quick and efficient all while keeping me in the loop with each turn of events. I would gladly refer Tamir to anyone who really needs his help. 5 star service (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️) all the way, Thanks you guys
John R.
22:54 01 Jul 21
Tamir and his team are great, he is very responsive . he answered all my questions and made sure I was involved every step of the way.My buddy told me about him and I don't regret it!!
Lindsey K.
22:26 21 Feb 21
Highly recommend Tamir. He has helped me through 2 very difficult times in my life. He was very knowledgeable and very responsive when I had any questions. Always easy to communicate with whether phone, text or email. He always put my best interests first. Thanks Tamir for all of your help(no offense but I hope I never have to call you again😂)But if I do need legal advice, I know who to call!
Kenyetta F.
18:49 17 Feb 21
You will not be disappointed. Tamir not only takes his time and gather all the information he needs to handle your case, he is very professional, smart and he don't play when it comes to his clients he wants what's best and makes it happens. I highly recommend his with.
Adrian C.
02:07 16 Feb 21
Tamir pulled me through one of the darkest chapters I never thought I’d have to face, in Cook County family court. For over four years fighting for time with my daughter, he wasn’t only responsive and proactive in strategically building my case, but won my daughter more time with her father, than any other lawyer said I would. He took a personal interest in getting to know me and my family, understanding my goals, educating me on my rights and the legal system, and coached me through the most difficult moments. Don’t make the mistake of putting your case in someone else’s hands.
Derrick Custom M.
23:34 15 Feb 21
I came to Tommalieh Law, LLC with out a clue what to do and how to fight my case and my attorney urged me not to give up when I was at wits end, I ultimately had a great outcome. Thanks Tamir ! I’m happy to say I have parenting time with my child and we are doing fine!
Fred S.
22:50 15 Feb 21
Tamir was fantastic. I was dealing with a nasty and long divorce including child custody issues. Tamir maintained his professionalism composure throughout which gave me the extra strength to finish the divorce . Not only do I get to see my kids every day I have them every weekend!!!!! I had a very positive and reinforcing experience .. Tamir had genuine concern for me and my case and even gave me follow up advice . Hands down a great attorney
joe A.
04:10 04 Dec 20
I retained Tamir to handle my case. My last attorney never called me and it was impossible to get ahold of him. With my last lawyer I always showed up to court not knowing what was going to happen, but not the case with Tamir. Tamir always answered or called me back immediately. I never had to chase him down for a phone call. 10/10
Arnette W.
17:08 02 Dec 20
Throughout the entire process from beginning to the end, I felt well taken care of and in good hands. In my previous experiences with other law firms, I had to hunt them down, do my own leg work, yet was bum bared with invoices for payment. However working with Tamir was “STRESS FREE”. Communication was constant and consistent, he was very detailed, he didn’t make any abrupt decision without making sure it was in the best interest in my favor, lastly he was so understanding when I couldn’t make my payments during the Covid outbreak when my income shifted. All in all if you want an experienced, knowledgeable attorney, please do yourself the due diligence in hiring Tamir and his team to handle your affairs.
Veronica-Arlene Z.
22:31 25 Nov 20
Tamir is truly the best! He got me get through my child support case and I am beyond pleased, aside from being the coolest he is about handling your case and super professional. Highly recommend!!
Kiko P.
23:04 26 Oct 20
The Professionalism was More than I expected, he is a very detailed, responsive, Attentive,Thorough, I’m very happy with his work ethic, I could not ask for anything more.Tamir and staff thank you very much for you services!I highly recommendTommalieh Law, LLC
Shamsa Z.
10:37 16 Oct 20
Tamir was very professional while working together. I highly recommend him to anybody looking for advice and assistance. He is extremely knowledgeable!!
Lauren S.
00:50 08 Oct 20
Tamir did an amazing job. I had a great experience working with him and would recommend him to anyone in need of a family layer.
Klara F.
17:06 13 Feb 20
Tamir is absolutely the best!!! I went through a very messy divorce, I'm still dealing with the aftermath from time to time and through all of the ups and downs Tamir has never wavered. He is knowledgeable and committed to seeing it through to the very end. He always goes the extra mile and really cares throughout the whole process. Recently, I had to go back to court for my ex's failure to comply with the court order and needless to say, I walked out of the courtroom with a very big smile on my face. He is a fabulous attorney and I highly recommend him for your legal needs.
jorge L.
22:00 19 Nov 19
I recommend he Tamir is a young honest attorney. Very resenable pricing and truthful. Try’s to get things done quickly and the best way possible. Thank you Tamir for your excellent work.
Moses Banu A.
23:43 23 Sep 19
I've known Tamir for over 15 years and truly do not know anyone more honest, genuinely caring, and respectable than Mr. Tommalieh. Not only that but he's also a very, very good attorney. He represents me for both of my companies, always makes time for my frantic phone calls, and makes the impossible happen. For all your business law, divorces, family matters, child custody, or whatever else is bringing stress to your life - this is the man you need at your side.
04:07 23 Sep 19
Tamir is a great attorney!!! My husband recommended Tamir. And I made the right decision to retain him. Tamir has been upfront and easy to talk too. Other attorneys I have had. Made me feel like only a payday for them. I didn't have to hunt him down for a return phone call or email response. If you are looking for an attorney that has your best interest. My husband and I highly recommend Attorney Tamir Tommalieh. Audrey & Terrance McBride
Barbie J.
15:32 12 Sep 19
Tamir is a great attorney! He was very honest. Most importantly he knew the well being of my daughter was most important! He answers text, emails and phone calls right away.
Desiree S.
13:05 08 Jul 19
He is the best i have ever seen. A very Honest man
Maher S
02:48 13 May 19
Needed a lawyer who a client referred me to Tamir. Tamir was very patient with me and understood me and what I needed. Got it done for me at a very reasonable pricing I would highly recommended him. I talked to numerous lawyers before him and none were able assist me like Tamir did. He was great thanks again Tamir for the outstanding job you did.
Donnie B.
02:03 13 May 19
Awesome attorney helped me every step of the way.
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