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If you have been accused of committing a crime, or are being investigated, having a good criminal lawyer can make the difference between having a clean record and receiving a conviction. At Tommalieh Law we understand how complicated and stressful these situations can be, and that is why we have at your disposal excellent criminal attorneys who have a great deal of experience and ability to defend you properly, conducting a thorough investigation of your case to get the best possible deal for you. Our attorneys are experienced former prosecutors with extensive reputations in the legal field.

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Our Will County attorneys are always 100% committed to each case. We represent clients in both state and federal criminal courts, whether they are minor crimes, more complex offenses, or even juvenile misdemeanors.

If you, a family member or friend from Will county find yourself in these types of situations, our law firm can help you deal with any criminal charges you are accused of, for example:

These charges mentioned are only the most common criminal cases we can help you with. We also provide other legal services and professional representations for criminal offenses such as assault & battery, theft charges, resisting arrest, drug crimes, protection orders, and more.

Why choose our criminal defense attorneys?

First, we conduct a thorough investigation and evaluate each of the characteristics of your allegations, in order to prepare a solid defense that will allow us to protect your rights and interests.

The consequences of a criminal conviction can be severe, even in circumstances where the charges appear to be minor. Penalties can vary from a fine, to being sentenced to probation, or in the worst case, to jail. If we underestimate the charges and do not seek help from a properly qualified criminal attorney, the consequences can be devastating.

At Tommalieh Law, we are aware of the extent to which any criminal charge can have, and that is why we do our best in every case to get the best possible treatment for our clients.

How can I benefit from getting a criminal lawyer?

An experienced criminal attorney knows the law, what your rights are, and knows how the entire criminal justice system works.Your lawyer will be able to defend you in court, protect you from harsh penalties and get you a better sentence, and if possible, keep you out of jail.

A criminal lawyer has the knowledge to thoroughly evaluate your case, get evidence and specialists who can analyze it, in order to prepare a solid and effective defense. By thoroughly studying your case, your attorney will know what the determining factors are in your case, and how best to prepare your defense in court.

Because each case is unique, it is important to have a specialized attorney to support and defend you in these delicate circumstances.

What are the most common criminal penalties?

If at the end of the trial you are found guilty, then you will face a consequence accord to the circumstances. Among the most common criminal convictions we can find:FinesGoing to jailProbationCommunity serviceRehabilitation for addiction problemsAmong others

What if I already have a criminal record?

At Tommalieh Law, we are aware that over the course of a lifetime we may be in this type of situation and face criminal charges on more than one occasion.

Therefore, if you have a criminal record, whether it was a misdemeanor or not, this can be a key factor when dealing with a new criminal charge, and cause you to receive a more severe penalty.

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However, by beginning to study and work on your case, we can prepare a good defense to get the best possible results even if this is not your first legal incident. We use a fierce strategy that has given us positive results over the years.

Without a doubt, thanks to the experience of our lawyers, they will be able to find an ideal solution for your legal problems.

Get a Tinley Park Criminal Defense Lawyer

Our Tinley Park criminal defense attorneys are responsible, dedicated, and committed professionals with every case they take, using an effective and fierce defense strategy that has allowed us to obtain good results. Our main goal is for you to feel comfortable and confident throughout the process, as we analyze and prepare your defense to get the best possible deal.

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