How Do You Divorce with Children Involved?

Updated on February 15, 2023
Updated: January 30, 2023

Divorcing with children involved can be a complex and emotional process for everyone. It requires careful consideration of the needs of the children as well as the adults involved. Although divorce is never easy, there are steps you can take to make sure it goes as smoothly and fairly as possible for the entire family.

This article will discuss the various issues that need to be considered when divorcing with children so that you can make informed decisions and ensure the best outcome for everyone involved.

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The Concept of Divorce with Children

When you decide to divorce, think carefully about the impact it will have on your children. It can be difficult for them to understand why their family is splitting up — and even harder for them to cope with its effects. This is because the impact of divorce on children varies and could be far-reaching, especially where minor children are involved. To help make it easier, focus on explaining that both parents love them, but just cannot stay together as a married couple.

It’s important to keep your children involved in the process as much as possible and make sure they understand what is happening by discussing it with them openly and honestly. This can help alleviate some of their fears and anxieties, while also showing them that both parents are doing everything they can to ensure their well-being.

In order to make the process of divorce fair for both parties, and especially for the children, it’s essential to create a parenting plan "parenting time schedule" that outlines custody arrangements and visitation schedules. This should include details such as which parent has primary custody, when the child will spend time with both parents, and how decisions related to the child’s well-being will be made.

When it comes to creating this plan, it's important to remember that each parent should have equal rights in regard to parenting decisions. It may help to work with a mediator (if divorce mediation is involved) or legal expert who can provide guidance to make sure that the plan is fair and in the child’s best interests.

How Do Custody and Child-Support Disputes Affect the Cost and Length of Divorce?

Custody and child-support disputes can have an impact on the cost and length of a divorce, depending on how complicated they are. A contested divorce, which is one in which the parties cannot reach an agreement through mediation or negotiation, will often require court intervention. This means that more attorney fees and other costs associated with litigation will be incurred, as well as more time to reach a resolution.

daughter sitting on the couch while parents fight

In addition, if custody is contested and one parent is asking for sole physical or legal custody, this may require evaluations or home studies to be conducted by experts or social workers to assess the child’s best interests. As important aspects of divorce, these can also add additional costs and time to the divorce process.

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In any case, it’s important to remember that the court will always prioritize the child’s well-being when making decisions regarding custody and support. No matter the tension between parents, the best approach is to work together to reach an agreement that is in their child’s best interests, as this can help reduce the costs and time associated with the divorce process. For more information regarding this matter, please contact our qualified Orland Park child custody attorney today.

Parental Responsibility After Divorce

Given the effects of divorce, this can be an important factor in helping the children adjust to the new family situation. It’s important for both parents to communicate openly with their kids, spend quality time together, and provide support during this difficult transition.

It can also help both parents to stay involved in their child’s life by attending school events, monitoring their grades and extracurricular activities, and being involved in their day-to-day lives as much as possible. This will show the children that even though their parents are no longer together, they still care about them deeply.

In certain cases, the court may allow a child to express an opinion in decisions related to parental responsibility. However, this is usually only done when the child is of sufficient age and maturity to understand their parent’s situation. Additionally, it’s important for parents to remember that even if their child expresses an opinion, the court will still make the final decision regarding custody and support arrangements.

Equal Parenthood, Co-parenting, Parental Responsibility and Acknowledgment

Equal parenthood, or shared parenting, is a concept that has become more popular in recent years. It involves both parents committing to raising their children together and sharing the responsibilities of decision-making and caregiving. This can be beneficial for both parents, as well as the child since it helps ensure that each parent’s rights are respected and that the child has two loving and supportive parents in their life.

Co-parenting is a term used to describe a situation when former spouses work together to raise their children post-divorce. It involves setting up positive communication between both parents, as well as putting a plan in place for how they will share decision-making and visitation responsibilities.

mother and father fighting about their divorce with children

Parental responsibility is the legal term for a parent’s duty to provide financial and emotional support for their children. This is typically determined by the court, taking into account factors such as each parent’s income and ability to provide for the child’s needs.

Acknowledgment is when a non-custodial parent recognizes and accepts that they are a part of their child’s life, regardless of custody or visitation arrangements. This can be beneficial for all parties involved, as it helps to ensure that both parents are present in the child’s life in some capacity.

Your Future Relationship With the Other Parent

Going through a divorce proceeding with children involved can be a difficult time for all parties involved. It’s essential to take the time to focus on each other’s needs and feelings, as well as those of your children. Doing this will help ensure that you can both remain supportive of one another in the future — even if you are no longer married.

It may also help to set boundaries and ground rules for your relationship with the other parent, such as how you will communicate and what topics are off-limits. By doing this, you can help ensure that everyone involved is on the same page about their expectations for the future.

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More so, before being a divorced parent, one must negotiate the division of marital property and alimony payments to reach an amicable settlement agreement. A family law lawyer can be invaluable in helping to ensure that child maintenance and child custody decisions are made according to the best interests of the entire family. In cases where parents cannot agree on a custody arrangement, a custody battle may ensue.

Joint custody is the preferred option for many divorcing parents, but it often requires filing for divorce and reaching a divorce settlement agreement (inclusive of property division). Ultimately, the entire divorce process should be handled with sensitivity, ensuring that all parties involved – especially the children – are treated fairly.

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