How to Look Up Divorce Records in Illinois

Updated on February 5, 2024
Updated: November 30, 2023

If you are wondering how to look up divorce records in Illinois, there are several ways to do so.

The first step is to determine which county the divorce took place in. Then, you can contact the circuit county clerk’s office of that particular county to inquire about how to access copies of divorce records. Depending on the county, you may have access to digital copies on the public record websites or hard copies of the marriage records.ƒ

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Ways to Look Up Divorce Records in Illinois

To obtain access to divorce records in Illinois, whether online or in person, you will need to provide relevant information such as the names of the parties involved, the county of filing, or the case number. To access a public divorce certificate record in question of an Illinois divorce, you can visit the County Circuit Clerk’s Office Division of Vital Records and present identification such as a driver's license or state ID.

What Are Divorce Decrees?

Dissolution of marriage records and decrees are the official certified records that provide a detailed description of the legal resolution of a divorce case.

They are typically issued by the court after a divorce action and signed by a judge or commissioner, and they can include details such as division of marital property and debts, alimony, child custody rights, visitation rights, and child support arrangements.

Divorce decrees are extremely important documents; they provide an official record of the terms and conditions of a divorce.

How to Get a Copy of a Divorce Decree

To obtain a copy of your divorce certificate verification in Illinois, go to the office of the Circuit Court Clerks in the county where you were divorced. Provide your photo identification and the details of your divorce. Find out which county issued your divorce decree from the papers filed. Contact the county Circuit Clerk's office to inquire about getting a copy.

If you need divorce court record files for someone else in Illinois, contact the appropriate county circuit clerk's office. Provide the names of both parties to the county circuit court involved and be prepared to pay a fee for the copies.

Are Divorce Records Public?

Divorce record files in Illinois are public and accessible with the right information. However, there are restrictions. Pre-1962 records and adoption records or annulments cannot be accessed publicly.

For a divorce record request in Illinois, visit the Circuit Court Clerk's office in the county where the divorce was filed. Provide identifying information like the names of both parties and the date and county circuit court of filing. There may be a fee for obtaining copies of records.

Divorce records are important for accessing and verifying details of a divorce case. Whether it's your records or someone else's, access to government data on divorce records is open to all in Illinois.

How to Get an Illinois Divorce Record

To obtain an Illinois divorce record, there are different methods available. One common way is to contact the Circuit Court Clerk's office in the county where the divorce was filed. You'll need to provide identifying information and possibly pay a fee.

Another option is to search for divorce records online on government websites but be aware that the accuracy of this dissolution of marriage certificate information can't be guaranteed and some non-government sources may charge a fee.

Can You Find Divorce Records Online?

It is possible to look up divorce records in Illinois online. The state provides public access to these records through the Illinois Department of Public Health’s Division of Vital Records website. This information is available to anyone who wishes to search for it, though certain restrictions must be adhered to.

To get access to the divorce records in Illinois, you will need to provide relevant information such as the names of the parties involved, the county of filing, or the case number. The website can also be used to order a certified copy of a divorce record if you can provide all the necessary information.

Paper copy of a divorce decree

How Can I Keep My Divorce in Illinois Private?

To keep your divorce in Illinois private, follow these steps: choose the "Anonymous Filing" option when filing for divorce, which keeps your name off the court docket and public record. Also, check with the court to ensure your records are not accessible to the public or listed in online databases.

Common Qualifying Reasons to Seal Divorce Records in Illinois

Illinois law allows for certain types of divorce records to be sealed from public view. These records are typically sealed when one or both parties involved in the divorce have a valid reason to do so, such as protecting the safety and privacy of children or victims of domestic abuse. For an Illinois court to grant a request to seal a divorce record, at least one of the following circumstances must be present:

• The record contains sensitive information related to the safety and welfare of a minor child.

• The record contains sensitive information that could be used against a party in future litigation.

• The record contains sensitive information related to victims of domestic violence or abuse.

• The release of the record would constitute an unwarranted invasion of another person’s privacy.

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